Getting a Result

Please phone after 10:30am for your results. The doctor needs to read and interpret each result first. The receptionist will be able to tell you if any further action is required but is not qualified to discuss the result with you. Should this be necessary, please make an appointment to come in and see your doctor or alternativley a nurse will be able to tell you more specific results.

Please remember we can only give the result to the patient it relates to unless we have your written consent to pass it on to someone else.

Results of urine and blood tests usually take at least seven working days to come back from the laboratory. We do not contact you with the results of your test. Patients will need to ring reception for their results, or if a GP has requested an appointment with you after, please book at reception as soon as possible.

Getting a blood test

Book an appointment with the phlebotomist who is at the Surgery every morning Monday to Friday. Blood tests can only be booked if a clinician has requested one, patients cannot request a blood test for themselves.

Please bring your blood request form if you have one.

If a fasting blood test has been requested, it is essential that you have nothing to eat from middnight the night before, and only black tea, black coffee or water.

We encourage the patients to drink plenty of water before coming for a blood test, fasting or non fasting, as this can help when obtaining blood.

Getting a urine test

If a urine test has been requested please bring the urine specimen in before 11am on the day it is done. Please make sure specimens are labelled with the date and your name and DOB. You may be asked to complete a form at reception to explain why you have brought the sample in, i.e. Doctors' request etc.

The doctor or nurse will have told you if the sample is for dip testing at the practice. This is usually done as a screen for sugar or infection. Please tell the receptionist this information.

If you were told that the sample is to go to the hospital laboratory then there are several rules to follow. The sample must be mid stream, passed the same morning it is brought in, into a sterile bottle obtained from reception. Please label it with your name, date of birth and the days date.

Please note that the laboratory do not do routine pregnancy testing. Fast reliable tests can be purchased at the chemist.

Patients are no longer able to bring urine samples in to be tested if the doctor hasn't requested the sample. If you think you have an infection or that your urine should be tested, please ring reception and explain this and we will do our best to help.