Types of appointment

We have two types of appointments, same day appointments and routine appointments.

Routine appointments

Routine appointments are available and can be pre-booked up to 3 months in advance with the doctor of your choice. These are for non-urgent matters and for patients who prefer to have continuity by seeing the doctor who has been looking after an on-going problem. Patients are able to book appointments for either surgery when booking a routine appointment.

Same day appointments

Same day appointments are available by ringing each morning at 8.00 am and at 1:30pm for an afternoon appointment. These are for more urgent matters that cannot wait until a routine appointment is available. You will need to ring the surgery you are registered with e.g. Market Bosworth or Newbold Verdon, if you require a same day appointment. Unfortunately you will not be able to choose which surgery you can be seen at and will need to go to your usual site when ringing on the day.

We cannot guarantee that you will be able to see the doctor of your choice on the day, although we will endeavour to accommodate your request. We have to book these appointments in order so we cannot always offer an appointment at the time you request.

Please remember receptionists are here to help you, they will try to ascertain the urgency of your request and therefore will need a brief description of your problem to enable them to direct you to the appropriate clinician.

Emergency appointments

If all the 'Same Day' appointments have been taken, and you feel unable to wait until another day. The Reception Team will take a telephone number and speak to the doctor on call. The doctor has the ability to offer an appointment if necessary or give telephone advice.

Home visits

Requests for home visits may be made by calling the surgery reception on 01455 822171 for Newbold Verdon and 01455 290200 for Market Bosworth, before 11 am Monday to Friday. If you require a home visit at the weekend, please call 111.

In general, we ask that patients only request a home visit if they are genuinely housebound and too unwell to come to the surgery. If so, you will usually be visited by a doctor after morning surgery. We cannot guarantee it will be the doctor of your choice, however we will try to accommodate your request.

Your doctor can usually see several patients at the surgery in the time that it takes to make a single housecall.

Training Practice

We are a training practice for medical students and occasionally we will ask if you are happy being seen with a medical student as well as your GP. If you are not happy to have a student present in the consultation please let the receptionist know at the time of booking your appointment.

For all appointments call 01455 822171 or 01455 290200

Extended Access appointments

We are increasing the number of appointments available for you to see a GP in the early mornings, evenings or at weekends across West Leicestershire.

Depending on your individual circumstances and symptoms, we may offer you an 'extended access' appointment. Please note however, that these appointments will not be in your usual GP practice and may not be with one of your usual GPs or nurses.

Depending on the reason for your appointment, and if you are in agreement, it may be suitable for you to see an Advanced Nurse Practitioner, instead of a GP.

The clinician you see will be able to access relevant sections of your medical notes and will communicate what has happened during your appointment back to your usual GP practice.

These appointments will be available at the following locations:

  • Loughborough Urgent Care Centre at Loughborough Community Hospital
  • Coalville Community Hospital
  • Hinckley and Bosworth Community Hospital

If you would like to know more please speak to a member of practice staff.


If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason please inform us as soon as possible in order for us to offer the appointment to someone else. The practice has wasted appointments on a daily basis.

Advanced Nurse Practitioners

For an urgent appointment we will offer you an appointment with a Advanced Nurse Practitioner if appropriare. ANP's are qualified to deal with the majority of minor illness ailments and you may be seen more quickly.

How you can help us help you?

  • Please book your follow-up appointments as soon as you know you will need one, so you can get a time that best suits you. Don't leave it until the week before you need it as you are not guaranteed an appointment.
  • Please avoid peak times (8.00am - 9.00am) to telephone for routine appointments or results.
  • Do you know you can book appointments up to 3 months in advance?
  • Try and avoid ringing at 8.00am and 1.30pm for appointments unless absolutely necessary, urgent appointments are for patients who cannot wait until the next day.
  • Do you know you can register for online services? Please ask at reception for details. Once registered you will be given a usrename and password and be able to log on to enable you to:
    • book appointments with your GP
    • request repeat prescriptions
    • view your medical summary
  • Please note an appointment is for one person only and will only cover one problem at a time. For the doctors to endeavour to keep surgeries running on time it may be necessary to book an additional appointment if more than one problem needs to be discussed or you can request a routine double appointment. Note: Double appointments cannot be requested when asking for a same day appointment.