How to refer

You may be eligible for help if you are aged 16 or over and registered with a GP practice in Leicestershire County or Rutland. You can contact your GP who may arrange a referral to Let's Talk-Wellbeing, alternatively you can self-refer by one of the options on this page.

Please note that if you are suffering with ongoing suicidal feelings and attempts, self-harm or a major mental health conditions, a psychiatric referral must be sought instead via your GP. Also, where there is substance/alcohol abuse or problems with violence, other support services should be accessed. Anyone currently receiving psychiatric care must continue with their care programme and is unable to access this programme.

Contact Information

  • Follow this link and complete the online referral form
  • Call us on 0115 8760157
  • Download and print the self referral form for the Leicestershire and Rutland Let's Talk-Wellbeing Service and post to:
    Let's Talk-Wellbeing
    Bank Court, Weldon Road
    Leicestershire LE11 5RF